Monday, July 25, 2011

Florence Oakley, distinguished mathematician

In her last year at university my daughter Flo was often greeted by a shy, first year Chinese maths student with a 'Good morning' or even 'Good morning, distinguished mathematician' accompanied by giggles.

Three years of an Oxford maths degree, means a pile of equations as tall as my eight year old. So after sorting it out and reminiscing about various bits of homework the whole pile of paper was unceremoniously dumped by Flo in our paper recycling bin. I grabbed a scrap to paste into my sketchbook. Of course the bits of paper mean nothing, it's how her mind has changed and developed that really matter, but all you artists will know how much the physical evidence has a significance for those of us who make things.

And to clarify what amused the first year student, you might be interested in visiting this Wikipedia page and taking a look at the alumni list – but quickly before someone corrects it.


Blogger Hashi said...

Haha! So funny.

I can't believe it's been three years already. Congrats to Flo, distinguished mathematician!!

7/25/2011 11:59 PM  

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