Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day out to London with Xavier

cityhall893 by Julie Oakley
cityhall893, a photo by Julie Oakley on Flickr.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely day in London with my eight year old son, Xavier. We went to the London Dungeon, Borough Market for a delicious lunch (including trying out oysters), City Hall and the Design Museum. Having been a member of the Design Museum for a few years and given up my membership, because I felt that it simply wasn’t worth the membership fee, I reluctantly bought tickets at Xavier’s insistence. But I’m glad to say that on that day, with the particular exhibits that were on display, Xavier had a great time and had to be dragged away. En route to the Design Museum, Xavier spotted some sketchers, sketching Tower Bridge.He was very keen that I sketched as well, so as I’ve already sketched Tower Bridge I used the opportunity to make a quick sketch of City Hall, the home of the Greater London Authority.


Blogger NoviceArtist said...

Awesome quick sketch!!

4/12/2011 3:59 PM  
Anonymous Emma Green said...

Hi Julie,

I think your work is brilliant.

I'm taking some time out of work to focus on fiction writing and have started a story blog:

I saw your work and have used a picture you painted of an English village to illustrate my latest story:

Please let me know if you would prefer me not to use this picture. I have added your name and a link to your blog at the bottom of the story.

Kind regards,

Emma Green

4/14/2011 11:11 AM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Dear Emma
Thank you for your kind comments
With regard to using other people's pictures on your blog, I would say that you should always ask permission first. I earn my living from designing, drawing and painting, so although I am often happy to allow people to use my images for their own personal or charity projects, I like to be asked first.

The one exception to this, in my view, is when the person is probably benefitting. So if your blogpost had been all about what a wonderful artist I was and that people should visit my blog, buy my work and commission me to design work for them I would not mind if you had used a piece of my work to illustrate your point.

Having said all that, I don't mind you using my picture, in this context, but please ask permission first in the future.

Best wishes Julie

4/14/2011 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Emma Green said...

Hi Julie,

I will ask permission before using other people's pictures in the future - of course, you're right. Thank you for allowing me on this occasion.

Best wishes,


4/19/2011 10:50 PM  

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