Sunday, February 20, 2011

More headgear and praise for Bridget Riley

Wearing a rather fetching scarf, covered in skulls, Xavier cut quite a dash when we visited the National Gallery. We had a spine tingling moment looking at one of Bridget Riley's paintings, where we could see white circles, that weren't really there, dancing across the canvas. The large originals of her work have such a physical effect on the viewer, they are so much more exciting in real life than they are in reproduction. We also had fun working out whether we thought that Caravaggio's perspective was flawed in his painting “Supper at Emmaus” – surely those outstretched fore-shortened hands should have been drawn at much more different sizes.


Blogger Penny said...

Great sketch, wish I could have joined you.

2/20/2011 9:44 PM  

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