Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy pasta sauce ingredients

The first time I tried spaghetti puttanesca was in Rome – as I didn’t have a recipe I had to work out the ingredients for myself by eating very slowly. You, however, don’t need to, with the wonder of the internet you can easily find the recipe for this gutsy pasta dish which can be whipped up in minutes. I don't know why one associates garlic, chillies and robust flavours with ladies of the night, but there you go, that's why it's called ‘puttanesca’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that the reason the dish is called after ladies of the night is that they are very busy women and needed to create a hearty dish out of ingrediants readily avaliable in their larders. I guess if you knock off work at 3am there aren't many shops open!


6/28/2010 7:51 AM  

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