Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup chores and Adobe Illustrator

I spent this evening sewing an England flag onto a red top for Xavier. Even my sporty husband has zero interest in football, but tomorrow the school have a non-school uniform day where the children can come into school wearing clothes to support their team – so unlike the rest of his class Xavier doesn’t have a great stack of England football kit bought by an indulgent Dad, which is why we're having to create the home-made version. My eldest son Tom had the same complete lack of interest in football, but when he was little found life much easier if he simply pretended he supported West Ham. I just hope if Xavier does the same he picks a team with a more attractive colour scheme.

Great adobe illustrator scripts

Due to work pressures I don't have time to post sketches at the moment, but if you're a user of Adobe Illustrator you may be interested in a collection of free scripts created by Haroyuki Sato – one of which solves the problematic dashed stroke problem (shown above) of ugly corners I’ve often been irritated by.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Soccer is all over the TV here, Julie, and I watched part of a concert and build-up. Oz hasn't much chance. We aren't really into soccer here, mainly Aussie Rules, and a bit of rugby (for Fiji of course). Our boys were great little players in the Minnies in an Oz country town and the grandsons, in Fiji, know all about rugby.

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