Saturday, June 19, 2010

More playing with another new toy

I was chatting to some older relations and we were saying that you can tell how old people are by their reactions to the internet. Their’s is ‘It’s a complete mystery to me’. As part of the generation that developed it, mine is ‘Wow, isn’t it fantastic’ and with my kids it seems to be ‘Yeah, whatever!’ And together with enthusiasm for the internet I do love technological developments in computer software. I’ve been so excited by the 3D rendering on my new computer. Aesthetically I’m not overly fond of 3D illustrations that are part and parcel of video games and fantasy art, so I won’t be going down that route, but it is such fun scratching the surface of what the software can enable you to do. In seconds I can try out something in Photoshop that a few years ago I would have had to have left my computer rendering over a period of a few hours.


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