Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recession, what recession?

I just came across this letter on a UK freelance forum which made me laugh out loud

I am looking for a graphic design champion to work on a wide variety of exciting projects including the design of logos, posters, flyers etc and I also need some maps redrawing as vector artwork. If you have award winning web design skills that would be great too.

You will need to be a top class designer, with a background in servicing blue chip clients and producing world class designs - your work MUST be groundbreaking and innovative, creativity should ooze from your pores instead of sweat.

I could do much of this work myself, if I could only be bothered, I have a very critical eye so expect me to pick many faults with your work.

To be considered for this role please send your CV along with PDF samples of your best work, also any URLs to your breathtaking designs. Once I have shortlisted the best designers I will then set them a few design tasks, to sift out the wheat from the chaff. I will not pay for these test designs but you can use them in your portfolios afterwards.

The chosen designer will need to work quickly and at very short notice - I will state the time allowed for each project so you really will need to be GOOD!

I am willing to reward the successful candidate with a rate of £6 per hour - that is more than minimum wage!!

Just so non-UK people understand minimum wage here is £5.80 per hour.


Blogger Judith said...

I think he got ahead of himself and posted it 18 days early.

4/01/2010 12:13 PM  

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