Saturday, September 05, 2009


hydra water man
hydra taverna
Hydra is another beautiful spot to visit. A crowded harbour, and an island where all cars and motorbikes are banned, so everything is transported by donkeys or horses. If you visit, make a point of buying something from the pharmacy, as it is a sight to behold with all the original carved wooden shop fittings and jars and bottles labeled with medical and herbal treatments. When we arrived, after sailing from Spetses, the man selling water to the boats stopped nearby to eat chocolate ice cream, and was an irresistible subject. Then we swam off the rocks in the sea, the waves crashing around us and smashing against the rocks – so not for the timid swimmer. In the evening, rather than eating at the more expensive restaurants by the harbour we found a traditional taverna in the back streets and enjoyed a lovely meal.


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