Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When the weather was calm the children often cooled off, as we sailed, by sitting in the ringo or, as here, sitting on the back of the boat (there is a technical name for this bit of the boat I’m sure but blowed if I can remember it) with legs trailing in the water. Monemvasia was a lovely place. A little town with a harbour (home of a sea-turtle, who seemed to be hiding every time we swam looking for him) and a causeway to the island. The village on the island was traffic free with tiny cobbled streets and with about five different places of worship, one clinging precariously at the top of the island at the edge of the cliffs. It was of course compulsory to take the heart-attack inducing walk to the top and enjoy the view. The meal at the harbour-side taverna was memorable because it included that rare treat, fried stuffed courgette flowers.


Blogger Apple-Pine said...

wonderful colors - especially on backs. Great pattern on the blue! AND two new things for me - new place I never knew about before and new food! I am following your adventure with great interest!

8/19/2009 4:39 AM  

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