Monday, August 17, 2009

Milos to Monemvasia

We left Milos very early in the morning for the long sail to Monemvasia on the Greek mainland. After the previous sail in force six to seven winds it was a relief to have very light winds even if it did mean that we had to use the motor for most of the journey.


Blogger annie said...

What a lovely morning mist you have here, Julie. Such fun to go sailing with you.

8/17/2009 2:15 PM  
Blogger clyde semler said...

Always wonderful to refresh with your vibrant joie de vivre,
Julie. You and your family on a rollicking Mediterranean roll. The Greek isles are truly a fragrant breeze for the soul. When the winds and the weather blow your dreams sky high, sail away, sail away (Noel Coward). Where'eer your set your course, that's where you are. Best wishes, Clyde Semler

8/21/2009 5:07 AM  

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