Thursday, August 20, 2009


One of the silly games (copied from my friend Shulay) that we often play on holiday is spotting celebrities. Not real celebrities, just people who look like the famous. It was much more downmarket this time as all the lookee likees that we saw just looked like our friends. For instance to our amusement the waiter at this taverna was the spitting image of our friend Steve. Anyone who followed my Greek odyssey three years ago may recall that there was bitter rivalry between the two tavernas. This time we decided to give our custom to Michael and Margaret’s taverna for a couple of reasons. One that we’d eaten at the other taverna three years ago and the owner had tried to make us sit in a hot uncomfortable part of his restaurant and two the same owner tried to persuade us to eat at his restaurant this time by saying how terrible the cooking was at Michael and Margaret’s. Well that decided it for us, M&M’s it was to be. We were rewarded with a lovely meal and a huge bag of home grown tomatoes was pressed on us to take home.


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