Sunday, June 21, 2009

Painting under duress

I stopped on the walk to paint this scene near where Robin was paddling in Peterborough. Despite being provided with paper and art materials Xavier became very bored and knocked over my water and threw dry grass over my art materials and painting. I did a lot of shrieking – my wet Winsor and Newton paints covered in seeds and grass, the sketch smeared. It can be so difficult to get the balance right between being someone who devotes themselves completely to their children and being a person with interests and and a life of one’s own. *sigh*
En-route to the slalom paddling event had Robin suggested that a drawing of him paddling would be a nice Father’s Day gift. I told him that there was a very good reason I didn’t generally draw paddlers pleine aire – they just won’t stay still as this poor effort demonstrates. Anyway I’ve done it so he can't complain again that in four years of blogging I've never drawn him paddling.


Blogger Penny said...

I cant see any seeds or grass they look great, but then I am biased. Xavier is obviously wanting to do his own thing!

6/22/2009 8:40 AM  

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