Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the train back from Kew

My friend’s son, Chad, has a passion for cacti and succulents, so where better than Kew to see them and spend Christmas money on adding to his collection. I’m so old that I can remember when you put a penny in the turnstile to visit Kew Botanical Gardens. Now, despite the twelve thousand nine hundred and ninety nine percent increase in the ticket price (erm is my maths right Flo?) it is still one of my favourite places. The idea of a garden that attempted to contain every plant in the world captured my imagination as a child and I longed to visit. Eventually at the age of eighteen as a student in London, I was able to visit Kew and it was so much better than I envisaged. The Eden Project, although glorying in a marvellous name and a very pleasant place to visit, isn’t, in my opinion, a patch on the wonderfulness that is Kew and ohmigosh I’ve just seen that the tickets cost more at Eden. If I was to price the tickets based on wonderfulness – Kew tickets would be at least four times the value of Eden Project tickets.


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