Monday, April 27, 2009

It’s Monday so it’s swimming – again

I wouldn’t want you to think that the mothers are more engaged with their children than the fathers – I just draw it as I see it


Blogger Hannah R H said...

I love all of these ink sketches you do, I have started to carry around a little sketch book for my drawings - they are nowhere near as good as these though!

4/28/2009 12:36 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

I wish I'd regularly filled a sketchbook when I was your age Hannah. I'd be a lot better now if I had. The trick is to just keep on doing it, because no matter how much any of us improves there will always be artists that we think are better. So I'm really glad that you're doing it!

Oh just gone to look at your new blog - you have some great stuff there - but I hope you don't mind me saying, I'd prefer to see the pictures without the obvious 'Hannah RH' over the top - it distracts from the images and no-one is ever going to steal your stuff provided you reduce the size. You should keep the large version on your computer and upload a much smaller one (which is pretty much useless for potential thieves) to your blog. I use the save for web feature in photoshop and save a version only 450 pixels for my blog or 600 pixels wide for the Urban sketchers blog.

4/28/2009 1:43 PM  

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