Thursday, March 05, 2009

Strange right hand

Why would I want to push my last drawing (which I rather like) down my blog page so that you can see this poor sketch which gives Hugo a strange unconnected right arm? I’m one of those people who has to keep this drawing art thing going on an almost daily basis. If I spent a moment worrying about the quality I’d end up incapable of producing anything. And if I left off drawing for a week it might be another twenty years before I picked up a pencil again.
My son, Tom, begged me not to mention my blog at a lunch party we’re having soon – to which I remonstrated that I only ever mentioned blogging when people said to me that they wished they were more creative, or that they could draw. However I’m not so sure that starting a blog would initially be as rewarding as it was a few years ago. When I started blogging comments arrived under my pictures as if by magic and so there was an almost instant rapport between me and ‘my readership’. So I just had to keep on producing the pictures. However, now, so many people, including me, read many more blogs and most of them via an RSS feed, that there just isn’t the time to spread the comments around. So now instead of feeling as though blogging is being at a rather agreeable party, with lots of people who are interested in what you have to say – it could feel as though you’re a bit of a wallflower. Personally I really, really don’t mind the lack of comments – I sort of imagine there’s probably a dozen or so of you who visit regularly but are too busy to keep a dialogue going with all of the blogs they visit and I’m pretty much the same.


Blogger Rose Welty said...

Julie...I'm one of your wallflowers. Even though there are more and more blogs each day, I still think it is an incredible experience if you can stick with it long enough to get some comments and a following. And, if you do, you will find that your artwork has matured and that you now have the skills you need to generate a following (always important for the artist.)

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I can now unashamedly call myself an artist, I never would have imagined it - a pipe dream I never thought I would achieve - and I have blogging and the wonderful online community to thank for it!

So, yes, we wallflowers are all still here, quietly observing your fun family. :D

3/05/2009 11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Every morning my routine is to get up check any overnight emails. Check your blog. Listen to the Archers and so on...

I need your blog to keep up with a family I love very much from afar.

Keep at it!


3/06/2009 4:04 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Erm, hello. I'm another wallflower, and I feel a little guilty for not responding previously to your wonderful art!
I loved art as a child and wanted to pursue it as a career, but wasn't allowed - "no money in art, and anyway education for girls is a waste of time." (In truth I probably wasn't good enough anyway)
So I stopped. Dead. For 24 years.
But last year I turned 40 and my youngest started school, and my wonderful husband really badgered me to 'do something for myself'. Somehow I stumbled across your blog (and Anita Davies) and thought why not?
I am alternately amazed and frustrated at my ability [or lack of! :-)] However you continually inspire me, not just your talent, but the fact that you do it with a family and a job! (And your occasional sketches of Oxford, somewhere I love and visit when I can - and sketch, but your Bodleian was much better than mine!)
So a big thank you, and I promise to respond more!

3/06/2009 7:51 AM  
Blogger Judith said...

So true what you say, Julie, about the change in the blogging experience over time. I also felt I lost a lot of my readership during a period when I stopped blogging for a while - not surprisingly. One has to be committed to making the output for its own sake I think. And for all we know, we may have hundreds of people following us anonymously, as well as those who comment.

But if you are encouraging other people to become artists through your blog, then that is really something special.

3/06/2009 7:58 AM  
Anonymous Cristina said...

Dear Julie,
only a brief comment to say that you are read in Italy, too...
You are right, our life is so busy that we hardly ever have time to talk with people...
Keep posting, I hope to have a my art blog soon too, and people like you prove me that it is possible, in spite of a demanding family!
Ciao, Cristina

3/06/2009 10:17 AM  
Anonymous Shirley said...

Good discussion Julie. I visit your blog through the EDM Superblog, but like many others try to just keep up with the blogs I love and don't leave as many comments as I should. But we are missing out on developing more of a community. I notice that those who post on Flickr still have a huge number of comments, probably due to the ease of leaving them in comparison to the blogs.

3/06/2009 12:22 PM  
Blogger Jessie Lilac said...

I've been quiet here but always visit :)
You were one of my first blogs I used to read (almost 2 years ago now!)that inspired me to start my own. I started off by reading your 'Mile From Home' and was amazed at how you produced every day, even with a toddler in tow. You're still amazing and I love this picture too. So ha! :)x

3/06/2009 12:39 PM  
Blogger Nita said...

I rarely comment anywhere anymore, but daily view all the posts via a feeder. Fitting art into a schedule is hard enough. I decided I had to choose to create and be inspired, rather than be social.

Grinchy, but productive, and silently appreciative of all the art bloggers!

3/06/2009 2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always look in. I comment when something strikes me. I know I and I think most bloggers have the kind of feelings you've spoken about. All I know is, I just keep blogging. Along the way we find treasures. For me, your's is one of them.

3/06/2009 3:11 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

OOH look at you all. Thanks for saying hello all of you. Seems like we're all agreed that despite the fewer comments it's still an enjoyable rewarding activity.

3/06/2009 9:01 PM  
Blogger Apple-Pine said...

lol - I think you are right there is a whole bunch of lurkers here - we read but rarely comment. It's definitely a sign of change in the blogging world and I am not sure if for the best - but we are still here :)

3/12/2009 4:33 AM  

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