Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Five minute pose

five minute pose
I love it when a model takes advantage of a short pose to hold a dynamic position that he or she wouldn’t be able to hold for a longer pose. If I have my materials prepared (which I didn’t have this time) and if I concentrate fully and create something along the lines of what I’d hoped for, the exhilaration I’m sure must be something like how my more sporty friends must feel after they’ve played a particularly good tennis rally or kicked the football into just the right spot.


Blogger Penny said...

Wonderful pose, and I think a young model is actually much nicer than an old one and I am well on the wrong side of 60, but then I suppose we do have lots of interesting wrinkles in odd places, but you cant beat a young fit body and yes they can hold lovely quick poses.
I have been so busy with family I have hardly had time to look at the computer let alone too much drawing.
Have a lovely year.

1/07/2009 7:09 AM  
Blogger Judith said...

That is lovely, Julie, you can really feel the reaching upwards of the model, before the muscles have tired and begun to relax.

1/07/2009 7:11 AM  
Blogger Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Julie, your making me itch to get back to life drawing! Mine doesn't start again until until week, hmmmf!x

1/07/2009 11:12 AM  

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