Thursday, December 25, 2008

Theatre trip with Hugo

Hugo is studying ‘The Woman in Black’ for school drama so a couple of days ago we went into London for a pre-theatre meal and then on to see the production of the play at the Russell theatre. The tiny restaurant near the theatre was like so many long established Italian restaurants that can be found all round the Covent Garden/Soho area. The same menu as they had twenty years ago, signed photos of actors and actresses on the walls, the shelves crowded with strange lurid coloured liqueurs.

If I’d known that they promote the production as the second longest running show in the West End (after ‘the Mousetrap’) I’d have been less inclined to bother – it’s going to be a bit of a tired production if its main claim to fame is that it’s been running for so long. And as I dozed through the first half I was grateful that at least I’d found a website that sold the tickets for half-price.


Blogger Rob Carey said...

wonderful work, Julie. I'm linking your site, as I want to revisit often. Merry Christmas.

12/26/2008 5:55 AM  

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