Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cindy Woods

Cindy Woods has lost her battle with cancer and has moved into a hospice. I don’t want to be writing this after she’s gone – I just wish I’d written this before she became so ill.
I first started blogging in May 2005 and dear Cin left a comment on my very first post. I tracked back to her blog and was captivated by her beautiful work and the person that shone through her writing.
She is the most inspirational of artists. Her blog has been a joy to follow over the last three and half years. She has inspired me in so many ways. More than anything her tender portrayals of her friends have made me appreciate the beauty of going back again and again to drawing the same person. Like so many online friends Cindy is someone I’ll never meet in real life, but I’m so grateful to have been acquainted with her. I’m sure that most of my readers will know Cindy’s blog but if you don’t, you must go and see the work of a really great artist and a beautiful person.