Monday, September 15, 2008

Time to relax

The end of the exhibition and the first time that we’ve had a proper family meal in three days (we haven’t dared to spoil the ‘gallery-ready’ space with any proper cooking). And what a wonderful three days – it’s been a real village event – we’ve met all sorts of people in the village who love the surrounding countryside, we’ve shown that somehow at least once we can make our house tidy, my darling husband has at last after eight years cleared his desk so that I can dust his computer, and I’ve managed to get over that ridiculous possessiveness I have about my favourite pieces of artwork. How much better it is to for your work to be on the wall of someone who likes it enough to buy it than for it to languish in a portfolio behind the sofa. I know the illustrations above look like two boys but it’s just me – they are both Hugo after a bath.
Pen in lumpy sketchbook


Blogger Hashi said...

I loved watching the virtual tour. So lovely to see your daughter and your house. I'm glad the exhibition was a success. Congratulations all around!

9/15/2008 11:48 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Just got back from my "tour" of your exhibition, Julie, and it was fun
getting invited into your home to see your paintings and sketches.
It must be an ache to say goodbye to
so much of your work all at once-they
can sometimes feel like our own children--but it was probably comforting to meet the folks who would give them loving homes. :)

9/16/2008 2:57 PM  
Blogger Katherine Tyrrell said...

Good to hear all has gone well - but I bet it's a big relief to get the house back!

9/17/2008 1:12 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Julie,
I'm catching up with blog entries I didn't look at in recent weeks. My word how prolific you have been - I've looked at the video of your house exhibition. Looks great. I guess you sold heaps of pictures - but you've still got everyone on-line still.
Thanks for the inspiration but my pics are just bits of paper on a shelf, not ordered in any way. One day....

9/18/2008 4:10 AM  

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