Friday, June 27, 2008

Sew darn good

Those of you who visit my blog regularly may notice that there is a complete dearth of posts on sewing, stitching and all arts and crafts that involve needles. I draw, I paint, I cook – something has to give. I think the last time I sewed something was in 1980. I was ambitiously attempting to make myself a suit and half-way through this doomed enterprise I realised that the fabric had cost me more than buying something off the shelf, and I didn’t even know if my bum would look big in the finished outfit. So that was it – I foreswore sewing from that day on. However one of my real live in-the-flesh friends, Fiona, who is a published author to boot, has started a blog on stitching, crafting and sewing. So when you feel the need for art of the needle and thread variety do go and visit ‘Sew darn good.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Julie,
I'm a lefthander and at school sewing was a disaster yet - to train to be an art teacher we had to do needlework - and I made my own dresses like sacks then - and I even taught needlework! Those poor kids! I really admire magical quilts and textile art. Maybe one day...

6/28/2008 1:26 AM  

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