Thursday, May 15, 2008

My delightful funny daughter

No the pictures aren’t of Flo, but she displays almost as much bravery as a life model if she thinks it will get a laugh. The other day she cajoled most of the sixth form to turn up at school in fancy dress. They don’t have to wear uniform once they are in their final two years at school and she thought it would spread a bit of delight before their examinations to see their teacher’s faces as they came into classrooms and for no apparent reason were confronted with a motley collection of fancy dress characters. Flo borrowed most of Xavier’s Buzz Lightyear costume, but as the trousers didn’t fit she completed the costume with a borrowed pair of white long-johns and some white wellington boots. She cycles to school and at first thought that she would look less silly wearing the t-shirt, long-john, welly-boot combo and then put on the wings, headgear, gloves etc when she arrived at school. However we convinced her that cycling in half the costume would simply make her look slightly deranged, whereas the complete costume did look as if there was a purpose behind it.
Watercolour on watercolour paper


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