Thursday, May 01, 2008

After the haircut


Spring is in the air, the bluebells are out, the meadowlarks are making their nests, the sun is shining and the notice saying ‘A case of headlice in the class has been reported’ has been hung outside the classroom door. So all in all a good time to let Robin loose with the home barber kit.
Gosh when I had three little ones coming home from school for the nth time with entire headlice civilizations living in their hair there were times I’d have quite happily stuck their heads in the microwave if it was going to solve the problem. Touch wood there’s nothing in Xavier’s hair… yet.

Pencil in sketchbook


Blogger Penny said...

Oh what a short cut, but headlice seem to be the bane of every school age mother, not only where you are but here as well. Then I start to itch too!

5/07/2008 6:55 AM  

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