Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hugo sitting


180mm x 130mm, pencil in sketchbook.


Blogger Katherine said...

What a corker!

I also love the new title banner - very autumnal.

10/06/2007 8:16 PM  
Anonymous Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

This is lovely, Julie...very atmospheric drawing, and the composition is delicious.

And I agree with Katherine, the new banner's gorgeous...

10/07/2007 2:20 PM  
Anonymous rachel said...

Anyone who does not know your kids would probably think they sit around all day from your pictures. But I know they are constantly on the move.

10/08/2007 1:59 AM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Katherine and Kate, I keep bringing out those leaves (painted a long time ago) for autumn. I sometimes so underestimate the unglamorous graphite pencil.
Rachel can't you just see Hugo desperate to fidget as I beg him to keep still for five minutes.

10/09/2007 1:59 PM  
Blogger Marie-Dom said...

Lovely and moody.

10/14/2007 12:41 PM  

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