Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heart-shaped mirror

A drawing last thing last night.
I’ve been tagged twice so let’s see if I can find seven things to say about me using this drawing as a starting point.
1. I like to wear a watch all the time, so I usually wear a waterproof Swatch until it falls apart and then buy another one.
2. This one was a present. It has a red strap and a lovely simple face and fact number two – the numerals are Gill Sans – one of my all time favourite typefaces.
3. I have never had a professional manicure. I’d have to be very rich and underemployed to find the time or money to indulge in such a thing.
4. I’d love to have a small table with a three way mirror to sit at and apply make-up to my increasingly wrinkled face, but my house is too cluttered to fit one in, so I usually sit perched on the edge of the bed squinting into a hand mirror like this one if an occasion demands a bit of lippy.
5. I have pathetically small hands. One important reason to keep my husband is so that I don’t die of starvation surrounded by unopened jars of food.
6. I never managed to fill a sketchbook as a student. I discovered over twenty years later that always carrying a small sketchbook such as this one and a single simple drawing implement such as a pen or pencil was the way to get over sketchbook phobia.
7. I first discovered I was very short sighted when I was eight. I was walking across the Fijian island of Nananu-i-Ra with my father and he pointed out an island in the distance which I couldn’t see.

I won’t pass on the tag as everyone I know seems to have been tagged.

210mm x 150mm pencil in small sketchbook


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nananu-i-ra? I went there one time before the tourist set-ups. They had tame fish that were hand fed.
I've worn specs since about eight years, but these days I take them off to read newspapers, fine print and when on the computer.

10/31/2007 6:17 AM  
Blogger Felicity said...

Super drawing within a drawing! I have to agree with no.3. I had a manicure a few years ago and it lasted until I got to the cash till. This year I went for acrylic nails for a few months to see if I could join the ranks of those who appear to look after themselves (!) but ended up thinking the whole thing is a huge waste of time and money! Natural is best anyway - and funny thing is that manicurists always have *terrible* nails! I still feel incredulous that anyone has time for toenail varnish!

Fiji must be an incredibly inspiring place for a small child.

10/31/2007 8:28 AM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Wendy there were no tourists when we stayed there, just our little
cottage, next to a Fijian village and the tame fish which we walked over the island to meet and feed.

Felicity, it's also fairly pointless trying to preserve nails when you're trying to do creative things with your hands. I once employed a very expensive hand model for a photo-shoot and despite her turning up in a Ferrari I didn't envy this woman who couldn't do anything with her hands because keeping them looking perfect was her livelihood. However I must say I am partial to blood-red toenails in the summer (applied by me).

10/31/2007 3:42 PM  
Blogger littlemithi said...

Julie this is absolutely Lovely! The picture in picture in picture works really well too. Oh and by the way thanks for the comment over at mine!

11/08/2007 4:48 PM  

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