Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hugo before the haircut!

Robin looks a lot more cheerful than he feels, having discovered that the final day of the Tour de France was not recorded for viewing after a day out. Hugo playing with his long hair in the background. The sea cadets have said it needs cutting so a last chance to fiddle with it. Oh and spot the mistake!
380mm x 195mm pen and ink


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friday 29th July? You time traveller! By the way have you read the Time travellers wife? Its lovely

7/30/2007 7:46 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Tor has been busy watching the Tour de France - he seems to know everything about it.

7/31/2007 12:25 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

You got it Anonymous! Haven't read the book you mention.
It's the only sport I can bear to watch Alison. Probably the scenery adds to the pleasure.

7/31/2007 9:36 PM  

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