Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hugo absorbed

Whew what a relief I managed to get my VAT return done using my newly acquired accounts software package. I can’t believe that the manufacturers didn't point out in the documentation that there were patches that needed downloading to fix bleedin’ obvious computational faults in the software.
So after that we took Xavier and a friend to see Little Howard (the children’s show not the rude adult version). A very, very entertaining show, but poor Big Howard (who works with little Howard, an animated character) had major technical problems with the two completely essential computers that are little Howard’s stage. This is obviously a hugely original show but when Big Howard dies I think he’ll have ‘Hatfield’ carved on his heart, because if a thing could go wrong, it went wrong today.
The drawing is Hugo watching ’My name is Earl’.

205mm x 130mm pen and ink


Blogger Witness said...

Wonderful lines. Powerful. Nicely done.

7/06/2007 4:50 AM  

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