Friday, June 23, 2006

Vicarious pleasures

I took Flo into town to buy a tiny bikini for her summer holidays and accessories for her ‘prom’ outfit. We both agreed that although we were in favour of fun American imports such as trick or treating or end of school proms, we should nonetheless anglicise them. She decided that if she has anything to do with organising the Sixth Form ‘Prom’ in two years’ time she’s going to try to get it called something like ‘The Sixth Form Summer Ball’.


Blogger H.M. King Finn I of Targo and Abbdona said...

Love the picture! I like the way it gets less deatailed the further back the things in the picture are, if you know what I mean.

I wish I coud draw like that! :o)

King Finn I of Targo and Abbdona

6/28/2006 2:52 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Thank you your majesty, very well observed. And you know that all it takes is practice, practice, practice.

6/29/2006 2:14 PM  

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