Thursday, February 02, 2006

First life drawing class in over 20 years

Wally and Laura have both inspired me to find a local life drawing class. I’m struggling a bit with new varifocals, standing up with my arm in the air, and trying to produce bigger drawings. I was forced to photograph these as they were four times the size of my scanner, but I can’t seem to get an in-focus result from our camera, so I may in future scan in patches and put it all back together in Photoshop.
The only class I could find was with some 16 year old 'A' level art students – all girls. Chatting to them whilst leaving they said this was their third class and the first one with a male model. If they go on to art college they’ll seem so sophisticated to their fellow students, having already dispensed with the nudity embarrassment hurdle.


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