Monday, December 12, 2005

Woken up at six

We live six miles away from the oil depot explosion and this was the view this morning at eight when we went to church. Thank goodness there was no loss of life. The schools are closed tomorrow which seems to me like a ludicrous over-reaction. This black pall of smoke is going to be with us for a while so in my view we should just get on with normal life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie you are displaying such a typical chipper attitude to this. Hope the smoke clears shortly.


12/12/2005 8:37 AM  
Blogger Misa said...

You're handling it well, but all that smoke? Still must be tough. I'm so glad the explosion didn't do any damage to you and yours.

12/12/2005 2:18 PM  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Detlef - it's easy for me - no broken windows to clear up.

Misa it's incredible how much better it is today - I think the wind may be in our favour. There is still a burning smell and to someone who didn't know, the column of smoke could be mistaken for a banked up cumulus cloud. I reckon the firemen and the wind are probably doing a good job.

12/12/2005 3:46 PM  
Blogger cream said...

It is horrible especially when the firefighters have had to pull out in case of another explosion!
I hope it doesn't get worse.
Nice picture though!

12/12/2005 7:09 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

If they closed down the schools in Hong kong because of air quality that would be it. No more education in Hong Kong (probably not a bad idea in the case of some schools) The factories in China pump smoke down to us 24 hours a day.

I hope it clears up soon.


12/13/2005 6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live 8 miles away. Yup. Kids are enjoying extra time off!

12/13/2005 3:08 PM  

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