Friday, December 16, 2005

Our 2006 calendar

My son Tom has done such a good job with his Illustration Friday pictures on his
blog, I decided to make a calendar using all his pictures (apart from the cover, which is my portrait of him).
If my second son Hugo continues with his good start I’ll be spoiled for choice next year!
I’ve made a set in Flickr that everyone is welcome to print off, but if you do, please show your appreciation on Tom’s blog.
Any immediate family members lurking here (including the HK contingent) please don’t look at the set as I’ll be sending you personalised high resolution hard copies in the post!


Blogger bananarobin said...

Bother, Julie's beaten me to it. This has thwarted my brillient calendar project entitled: I brought her a bread maker and all I get is this lousy calendar.

12/17/2005 12:13 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

What a fab calendar! I've been planning to make one too but haven't got there yet...

12/17/2005 8:48 PM  
Anonymous rachel said...

I'm still waiting for my hard copy of 2005 calender!


12/18/2005 6:04 AM  

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