Friday, September 30, 2005

Just for Karen

I warned you it was boring!


Anonymous Karen Winters said...

Yay, thank you Julie. I learn so much by seeing how other people go around the object - the decision to bo this way or that as they do the contour. The colors are gorgeous but it's hard to see the path. Sometimes when I am drawing I try one turning right, one turning left, starting at a different point etc. just to see what works best. I find that it does make a difference. Although nothing works with cats. Thanks, again.

9/30/2005 11:00 PM  
Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

well said karen! i don't think ths is boring at all!! :) i think it's..."fresh."

10/01/2005 4:42 AM  
Anonymous thermion said...

typically I dont like colored-in contour drawings as well as the raw original version... but I really like the colors you chose for the Illustration Friday version! they make this look anemic by comparison! I really dislike doing blind contour drawings, but decided to become a particapant anyway... I understand the value of the exercise, so I grit my teeth on friday and draw. blind.

10/01/2005 8:11 AM  

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