Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our morning coffees

Every day we left the farm early in the car to explore the area. Most days at about ten I needed a cup of coffee. I'm incredibly boringly fussy about tea and coffee and the only way I can get close to the coffee I enjoy at home is to order a double espresso in a large cup with a pot of hot water, so I can dilute it a little. If I order an 'americano' I get a big cup of tasteless brown water - just like the stuff you get in New York. Robin would have a cappucinno and Tom would have what we called a 'frocca moccha chocca' - basically whatever they had that was sweet, frothy and chocolatey. This was my hot water pot...

...and this was a window at the Station Hotel, Clitheroe,
drawn from the cafe across the road.


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