Monday, June 06, 2005

Woo Yay - walked the dog

Since Xavier became mobile it has been increasingly difficult for me to get any exercise. My usual routine of a long brisk walk with Rufus has been totally thrown out of kilter by Xavier's insistence at getting out of his all-terrain push-chair so that we both have to walk at his pace. Today, however I managed to fit in a really long walk with Xavier happy to stay seated for most of the route. The price I had to pay for this was to have to listen to a continuous warble of the first few notes of 'Bob the builder' with the occasional foray into the opening bars of 'Smoke on the water' for almost the entire hour and a half. But it was worth it. Not only that but the other good news is that after mastering just about every body else's name, Xavier managed a version of his own name for the first time yesterday and said Rufus's name for the first time today. I think we'll toast that in aaa-mmm juice - don't ask!


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