Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Story in the Guardian

My son Tom persuaded me to respond to a request from the Guardian to hear from people who had had a whirlwind courtship. So when I did they asked me to write an article about getting married when we'd only known each other three months. My daughter Flo said she thought it was bit 'cringe' and bit 'vom', which is probably true, but if you want a bit of laugh look here and don't forget to read the below the line comments many of which are better than the article. Also just so you know like most of their writers I'm not responsible for the headline or standfirst or first few words.

The next thing that happened was a request to go on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, but however much I adore Woman's Hour, I've decided I'm not keen on a career pontificating about marriage, so I sadly declined.