Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breakfast oranges

The Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday and his gift from his wife, one of the richest women in England, is the title of Lord High Admiral of the Navy. This year it was my husband's 50th birthday and with the recession being so bad and our home finances being rather restricted, whatever I gave him in April was unremarkable and unmemorable. So I wish to now make amends and taking lessons from my social superiors, I've decided I should present him with something far more in keeping with the momentousness of the occasion. So my sweet, for all your years of dedication and duty, I now pronounce you as Lord High Master of The Breakfast Orange. All people meeting you in your official capacity en-route to the bedroom should bow three times and address you as "Your Orangey Worshipfullness".

And thank you Your Maj for some great inexpensive birthday ideas.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Grand Union Canal

The Hemel Hempstead Canoe club family fun day was a great success last Saturday. The canal, near the club, was full of people of all ages trying out kayaks and canoes – including her worshipfullness the Mayor resplendently rafting in full mayoral regalia. I walked a little further up to this lovely spot to walk Rufus and snatch some peace away from the splashing.